Health & Safety Policy

It is the policy of V Creative to comply with the terms of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent legislation and to provide and maintain a healthy and safe working environment. V Creative’s objective is to minimise the number of instances of occupational accident and illness and ultimately to achieve an accident free work place.

All employees will be provided with such equipment, information, training and supervision as is necessary to implement the policy and achieve the stated objective.

V Creative recognise and accept their duty to protect the health and safety of all visitors to the company, including contractors and temporary workers, as well as any members of the public who may be affected by our operations.

While the management of V Creative will do all that is within its powers to ensure the health and safety of its employees, it is recognised that health and safety at work is the responsibility of each and every individual associated with the company.

It is the duty of each employee to take reasonable care of their own and other people’s welfare and to report any situation which may pose a threat to the well being of themselves or any other person.

All injuries/incidents however small sustained by a person at work must be reported to the Health and Safety Director or a delegated representative. Accident records are crucial to the effective monitoring and revision of the policy and must therefore be accurate and comprehensive.

V Creative’s health and safety policy will be continually monitored and updated, particularly when changes in the scale or nature of our operations occur. The policy will be updated at least every 12 months.