Environmental Policy

V Creative are committed to continued improvement of our environmental performance. We realise that there are significant economic benefits for our Company as well as the positive contribution to the environment. We are striving to achieve this by:-

  • the use, wherever possible, of the most appropriate/approved disposal method for our waste products, and the use of the most appropriate chemical products, including biodegradable materials and vegetable based inks on our print purchases
  • always recycle our used materials wherever possible, using experienced contractors

We continually monitor and review our design and print processes to minimise substrate loss by:-

  • using the most advanced and proven technology and modern, efficient machines
  • operating a comprehensive servicing programme to minimise breakdowns
  • correct storage of stock, raw materials and finished products
  • ensuring staff are fully trained in the use of their equipment and are aware of the environmental issues
  • a thorough and effective checking process to minimise errors
  • experienced and accurate estimating, avoiding over stocking